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Desktop Printer Not Printing Full Image

Printing to your desktop printer and it prints only some of the width and some of the length or not the whole image? Below are three possible causes and solutions.

  1. Properly set the custom dimensions for the document in the Print Window of your graphics program, and/or the film dimensions to match your sheet media in AccuRIP.

  2. You may have a Print Driver from an earlier AccuRIP version. Delete the AccuRIP Printer Driver from the System Preferences/Settings or Control Panel. From the Support Tab in AccuRIP choose “Build Print Driver”.
  3. Windows users of Corel DRAW, in the Print Window (General Tab) if “use PPD” is not checked then check it. Navigate back to the AccuRIP program folder on your computer. There you will find a PPD file for your printer model. Select it, set your document dimensions in the Advanced option Window in DRAW and print. 



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