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Films Printing Brownish, Not Black

My printed films are brown(ish) or colored, not black.

If the printer is filled with nothing but black ink supply and all lines are full of black ink it’s not possible for the films to be anything but black. However, it is possible with colored inks in the printer or in the printer’s ink lines that the printout may be brown until all the color inks are flushed out. Be sure to clean out all ink lines and check all ink tanks.

Have a wide format printer that previously had colored inks installed? Clean the lines of any remaining color. That would result in brown(ish) or colored film printing.

Desktop printers using ink cartridges make it easy to remove color ink tanks by replacing them or refilling them with Dmax black dye ink for film printing.

If using stock OEM color inks in your printer make sure that AccuRIP is set to print from the default Black slot and not Auto ABI.



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