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Films Distorted or Out of Registration

A printer has internal memory that controls its actions called “Firmware”. When printing, languages are updated, the firmware needs to be updated as well.

Outdated Firmware can cause films to be out of registration, images to distort when printed, and ink cartridges to fail when installed…

If a printer only prints an image in perfect proportion when set to 720×720 dpi in AccuRIP then the firmware is out of date. Legacy printer models starting with the Epson 4800 have seen more of this issue than modern printer models. Download the “last” posted firmware version from the Epson website.

If a set of films will not register and/or sizes seem to jump around from film to film, update the firmware.

When updating a wide format Epson printer you’ll not only need the latest Firmware file from Epson, you’ll also need the software called “Remote Panel” also known as LFP. This software does the actual installation of the new Firmware data. Epson is your source for these files.


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