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Epson 1430 not able to use WiFi

Having trouble printing to your Epson 1430 when its setup using a WiFi connection?

The Epson 1430 is a legacy printer (off-market for nearly ten years). Development has ended for this printer by Epson, Apple, and Windows for many years. Due to this most users experience issues as the legacy printer is not configured for modern OS systems.


USB: The best way to connect the printer is using a six foot or shorter USB cable directly connected from the printer to the computer. 


USB to WiFi print server hub: If you need the printer further than six feet away use a "USB to Ethernet printer server". This is the recommended solution for older model printers. The USB printer connects to the printer server and that server is either on the Ethernet network or can be connected to your WiFi router. This will bring back your WiFi ability as you are connecting to the WiFi router not directly to the printer.



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