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Achieving Excellence: The Effect of Screen Frames on Screen Print Quality

In the not so distant past the use of wood frames was commonplace. They worked, but many issues on press could be traced back to the frames inability to hold tension. Wood also absorbs a lot of water and chemistry used during the coating and reclaiming processes that further compromised their ability to do the job long term.

Aluminum frames are a much better option. They hold tension longer while not absorbing any associated liquids. Eventually after repeated use the mesh itself will stretch requiring a stripping and re-gluing process, but that will be after many uses and prints.

Roller frames are the best. Also, the most expensive option, but they have the longest lifespan, provide much more control over tension. They can even be pretensioned without need to strip or and glue.

Do your research, work within your budget, but investigate the value each of these solutions bring to your business. A larger upfront cost might be concerning but the overall value comes from using the best option with the longest life span.



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