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Differences Between Pigment & Dye Inkjet Ink

Freehand extensively tested both Dmax® dye and Epson and Canon pigment inks, which included screen exposure. Dmax® outperforms both Epson and Canon pigment inks in all testing.

Dmax, blocks the greatest amount of UV light. Washes out faster with less pressure leading to better halftone detail and sharper edges. Overall print quality is superior.

Density and durability are key elements for exposure especially when using higher power LED exposure units. Dmax delivers both allowing for shorter exposure times that reduces undercutting to deliver the best possible result. Pigment ink, unlike dye, is not durable or dense. It can easily be scratched off films.

Epson pigment inks while delivering a workable exposure result does not work well with stronger exposure light sources and requires greater washout spray force that leads to a lower quality result. Advanced inhouse testing and some screen exposing supplies and procedures may need to be altered or addressed.

Canon inks are not suitable for the needs of a screen printer in terms of quality and exposure.

Dmax® ink proves to be the preferred choice over OEM inks for film media printing, offering denser films, density ranging 4.5 - 5.0, and has a better print quality preferred for screen printing applications.



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